Want to install solar panels?

Apollo Solar is a leading UK accredited installer

we install solar panels all over the UKIf you are considering doing your bit and going green by installing solar panels, you might be surprised to learn that you can actually earn money from the sun's energy by fitting solar PV.

If the idea of being paid to help protect the planet appeals to you then, look no further than Apollo Solar™ – we are fully qualified and accredited installers and cover the whole of the UK.

Solar panels take one day to fit and install, they run in silence, and require little maintenance. Our PV solar systems will generate electricity and income for a lifetime. In fact, the first 25 years come fully guaranteed.

solar panels installed on a roof in YorkshireInstallation teams up and down the country

As professional electrical contractors, Apollo Solar have built up our own highly experienced team who work domestically and on major renewable energy projects for companies like the BBC, M&S and Vodafone. see our background

No one is better qualified than Apollo Solar Ltd to fit solar to your home - fact

We are fully accredited and certified with all the professional bodies and regulators involved with maintaining standards in the code of conduct. All work undertaken by Apollo Solar is guaranteed for 10 years and the PV panels are guaranteed for 25 years.

We draw from over 50 years of building services' experience to bring you a range of industry leading renewable energy solutions that address the problem of spiralling energy costs

Is solar energy right for your home?

Get the facts: We offer a free property survey which will give you all the full facts and figures you need. There is no pressured selling and if you do not want to proceed then no problem, we will part as friends.

Need finance?

Which is the best way to finance solar panels: Apollo can help you join literally 1000s of other households benefit from fitting solar to your home. Please see our finance page for more information

Or just want to talk?

Call our help desk on 0800 678 5040 (0800 678 5042 for Scotland). Together we can discuss the various options and explain about the levels of income you would receive. If you are looking for more Information, our website is designed to answer questions you may have, to help you make an informed decision. See our How does Solar PV Work page or read our renewable energy from the sun download.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a certificate which shows how energy efficient your property is.  The rating scale is similar to those of electrical appliances. About 70% of homes in the UK have an energy efficiency rating of band D or above.

As from April 1st 2012 you will need to send an EPC certificate with your Feed in Tariff application.  See our FAQ’s

Why Pv (photovoltaic) Solar Panels?

Generate electricity & income – even on dull and cloudy days and get paid 21p for every unit produced, whether you use it or not*

Sell your electricity – any surplus electricity is sold back to your energy supplier for additional income. feed In tariff explained

Guaranteed payments – the repayment scheme is government backed, index linked, and ensures you receive guaranteed payments for the next 25 years.

Cut your bills – our solar pv system can cut your bills by up to 50%

Increased property values – Pv solar panels increase the value and desirability of your home

Why Apollo Solar™

Approved installers – we are qualified, approved and accredited to assemble and fit solar energy panels.

Free survey and quotation – our trained and qualified engineers will survey your home for a bespoke quotation that includes fitting and assembly

Free advice – we will help and advise you on how to get the most financial benefit out of your system

One day installation – our trained and qualified team can install your entire solar system in a day

25 year warranty – all our solar (Pv) panels come with a free 25 year performance warranty

fit Apollo PV systems installation testimonials Get an enregy efficiant heating systen fitted by our friends at Smart Plumbing ...

To arrange for a home survey from Smart plumbing & Heating, just give them a call on 01484 940930. They will be able to advise you on which heating system would be best for your home, how much you will save in gas bills.

Read how the Moores family get paid for using energy from the sun ...

We simply offer free, friendly, and professional advice. Read how the Moores family benefited from fitting solar energy into their home.

We guarantee the lowest home solar panel cost ...

We only fit the best! We only use the highest quality components and still guarantee to offer the lowest overall cost for the best home solar panel systems on the market.

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